Sunday, May 4, 2008

Y!Open has a mascot!

Y!Open has a limited Developer preview for developers hoping to make social apps. This is to compete with Facebook's platform.

This platform is Called "SearchMonkey"

Yahoo! did not register the domain. Which makes one think that all of this was put together pretty quickly to fight against the Microsoft bid.

If you are a developer and want to access the developer preview you can apply to the beta through this link:

New front page information in Yahoo! Mail

When Y!Open rolls out, the front page of Yahoo! will begin to show your connections with Yahoo!'s different services.

As shown in the screen grab of Yahoo! Mail, you can not only see photos of the people emailing you, but also Flickr image sets that may be of interest.

First Y!Open features announced

Jerry Yang, in demonstrating features of Y!Open showed how one can use Y!Open to plan a dinner out with friends. You can drag an email conversation onto a map, and the profiles of those on the email string are surfaced, noting preferences (for food in this case) and suggesting appropriate restaurants in the area.

Welcome to the Yahoo Open Strategy Blog

Welcome to the Y!Open blog. Here you can find news on Yahoo!'s move to add social network features to all of it's services.

The project is known as Yahoo Open Strategy and was announced by Yahoo!'s CTO Ari Balogh on April 24th, 2008. This strategy is in part to unleash further value in the company. Yahoo! has been under scrutiny from its shareholders ever since it did not accept a buy out offer from Microsoft.

Y!Open will give users a central profile through which they access all Yahoo's features. These include mail, fantasy sports, flickr, and many others.

This blog will keep you updated with news about Y!Open.